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The lovely magpie brings the satellite communication service to tens of millions of families.

Satellite communication frequency solution

Promoting ITU WRC 19 meeting to achieve spectrum sharing between satellite and ground network.

Communication standard

5G Airport Satellite Access Standard Based on Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Technology.

Constellation design

Satellite constellations are not used to achieve global blind area coverage, complement each other with ground mobile networks, and achieve true integration of the earth and the sky.

Intersatellite link

The 60GHz links are used between LEO satellites, and laser trunking satellites are used for data relay between the orbiting satellites.

Network protocol

The maximum degree of compatibility is TCP/IP, and the new coding technology of 5G standard is preserved. Promote the development of the next generation CCSDS protocol at the same time.

Communication load

Use the third generation semiconductor technology RF chip and use the self controlled special digital ASIC.

Our Launch Scheme

It is expected to launch the first experimental satellite in 2019 using Chinese private company rockets,Finally complete the constellation network in 2022.

The launch list includes 180 low earth orbit satellites and 6 medium earth orbit satellites

Use one arrow multi satellite launch plan to achieve one arrow and one track..

The mass of the satellite is less than 100 kilograms, using mass production technology.


The cost of each rocket launch is controlled at 30 thousand yuan per kilogram..

The launch site was launched in Wenchang, Hainan, China, and mobile ships on the South China Sea.

Different manufacturers and different types of rockets will be used to achieve different track height optimization.


How to integrate with 5G base stations to achieve more cost-effective land coverage

The main markets are not European and American countries. They are concentrated in the central and western parts of China, along with the backward infrastructure areas of the of the Belt and Road.

  • Reducing the construction cost of operators.
  • No optical fiber, more cost-effective
  • Providing Internet of things access services.
  • Help backward countries upgrade telecom facilities to 5G network.

Advanced satellite system with higher capacity, higher speed and lower cost

Satellite communication system based on international mobile communication technology integrates the world's leading semiconductor technology and chip solutions. The performance and controllable cost of the whole.

  • Innovative large-scale production mode, non high precision and high cost platform..
  • The mass is less than 100 kg and the communication capacity is up to 100G
  • Reconfigurable multi beam phased array technology and implementation of software definition.
  • The use of the third generation semiconductor materials has lower power consumption.

Frequency utilization and new communication load

Space-borne reconfigurable multi-beam phased array antenna and ground-based large-scale array antenna technology.

  • Frequency of limited use of 28-32GHZ.
  • Coordinate and promote this program to become the 5G frequency of all countries.
  • Support multiple frequencies of 5G.
  • Load can achieve frequency adjustment within a certain range.

Optimized Routing Design and No Dependence on Ground TT&C System

The ground SDN network is used as the main channel to process satellite data, and the inter satellite link is used to assist data relay.

  • The main routing channel relies on on-board processing power to process and forward.
  • Satellite has data exchange and processing capability.
  • Inter satellite microwave links as auxiliary routing channels.
  • MEO laser link can be used for data relay, LEO Satellite TT & C service.

Carrying out international cooperation to build and share common space communication infrastructure.

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Financing demand

The company's external financing can consider building an international equity structure.


  • Senior shareholders preferredThe development of the experimental satellite was launched in 2019.


  • Consectetur adipiscing
  • Development of new load and chip solutions

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